These Full Leather Key Organizers come with one main Carabiner (supporting the whole unit), 3 mini Carabiners (for easy removal of keys), a ring, and full leather cover with adjustable snaps for convenience. It can hold up to 7 keys, a mini flashlight (not included), and a Car Remote Control (not included).

Available in three different colors: Brown, White, and Black. One style is for Men and the other one for women.

100% pure Leather with 100% Leather Cord.

Decorative, strong and light weight! Can hold 3 Khippahs

Net weight: 0.526 Lbs (238 g)

Color: Black and White

1. Adjustable leather strap for short or long range and decorative 2. You may simply push out the ball to replace it with your own favorite Send us a message to (417) 761-3483 if you need to special one or a couple.

Item: knit Kippah

Color: Black

Measurement: 16 cm

Condition: NEW!

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