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Why and how Workout Helpers work?

By using Workout Helpers Straps your entire body becomes its own resistance while performing movements that your body already does naturally, yielding to results equivalent to using conventional workout equipment.  

Your legs alone account for about 20% of your total body mass; which means if you weigh 170LB, as one example, you are already working with about 34LB of your own body weight using Workout Helpers.

Secure Workout Helpers straps to feet, ankles, lower limbs, or thigh accordingly depending on which exercise you intend to do. Workout your arms, your abs, legs, back, lower back and more, NO heavy lifting.

​Material is soft to touch, sturdy, strong and machine made.

Dimensions: 28 inches long (circumference), 4.5 Inches wide or (71.12cm  X 11.43cm)

Comes with a booklet showing 13 different workout exercises you can do with Workout Helpers.


7 Days Money Back Guarantee on this product, if you're not happy with the product.

Also if the product gets damages within 30 days of using it, we will replace it for you.

Links to Live YouTube recordings:

1. Lally working out with Workout Helpers:

2. Ashley working out with Workout Helpers:

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