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Əʋe (Ancient Hebrew) Language Study


Magnetic Ancient Hebrew Letters (Full Set, 64 Pcs), $32

Great for teaching, illustrations, classroom settings, personal learning, paper pins, decorations, and for inspirational ideas!


Warning: For safety reasons, not for children under the age of 3!


Materials: PLA Plastic

Magnets: Ceramic


Made By 7is3 LLC,

Springfield, MO, USA

Ewe 101 cover pix.PNG

Əʋe (Ancient Hebrew) 101

 Each Əʋe word or sentence in this book has the English translation next to it, so you may see how it is said from Əʋe to English or from English to Əʋe. Now you can learn to speak the Əʋe (Ancient Hebrew) with the correct intonation, grammar, conjugation, names of things in nature, names of animals, body parts, present tense, past tense, future tense, imperative form, interrogative form,133 prepositions, verbs, popular Əʋeinterjections and many more!


Finger Pointers, $5

Made with PLA plastic and wood by 7is3, LLC


Əʋe (Ancient Hebrew)-English Thesaurus

Like the Letters, Like the Universe!
Over 21,000 Əʋe (Ancient Hebrew)-English Thesaurus revealing Body Language, God's Letters in the Sky, i.e., the Real Form of the Zodiac Signs, the Origin of our Mathematic Symbols, Punctuation Marks, Idioms, Names of Animals, Things in Nature, Body Parts, and more!


The Ancient Hebrew Revived: Simplified Chart

 About this booklet: The Ancient Hebrew Revived: Simplified Chart is a compilation of the Ancient Eʋe (Ancient Hebrew) symbols with their corresponding letters. Its purpose is to reveal to you what the enigmatic Ancient Eʋe (Ancient Hebrew) pictograms look like in real life, how they gave birth to the English alphabet, and more importantly the significance behind each symbol. About the Author: Xolali TOGBI-WONYO is the Founder & CEO of 7is3 LLC, a native Eʋe speaker of the Adja-Eʋe (Judah) Tribe of Togo (West Africa), and a graduate of Baptist Bible College with a BA in Church Music and Biblical Studies. If you want to quickly learn the Ancient Hebrew letters, then this is for you.

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